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Calderys India offers the most complete and best performing monolithic refractory product range. Selecting the right product or solution, for our customers is our expertise.

Our R&D teams are composed of engineers and technicians that have a deep understanding of customers' operating practices, as well as engineers dealing with raw materials and product technical data. We are continuously upgrading the Calderys India product and solution range incorporating site feedback and our R&D knowledge. With our recent association with Calderys we have added large number of products in our basket. We regularly develop concepts and products to address newer applications.

The sustained success of our product development is based on a pragmatic mix of our local understanding of usage practices and our product knowledge which is supported by Calderys R&D. We carryout developmental projects in partnership with our customers which has proved to be of mutual benefit.

Solution in practice

Our products and solutions address


  • Adaptation to changes in customer operational processes
  • Requirement of increased equipment availability through the reduction in downtime
  • Innnovative and accelerated maintenance practices.

For eg: in the cement industry, some of our customers are now using alternative fuels in their cement process. To adapt to this new practice, Calderys India designed a range of refractory able to withstand the different chemicals being introduced by these alternative fuels. One such product dedicate to the cement industry is ACCMON CRC, which is alkali resistant.

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