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Calderys India with over 60 years of experience of successful activity in Indian cement industry is considered to be a reference supplier for cement industry in India. We made a beginning as a refractory maker catering to the in house requirements of cement plants. From this humble beginning we have grown to an organization which has pioneered the work of introducing castables and other monolithic in cement industry with an idea to improve plant performance and productivity. We have worked with leading OEMs for working out a reliable and long lasting refractory solution for projects in India and overseas.

Due to decades of our association with ACC, we have developed good expertise on Rotary kiln operation and Refractories. This understanding enables us to integrate mechanical aspects of kiln operation with Refractories and work out a solution which will perform under actual operation conditions. We have been able to use this understanding to introduce Low cement castable, Ultra low cement Castable and No cement Castable, alkali resistant semi insulating bricks in cement plants. We have a major list of accomplishments in this segment. We have a complete range of solutions catering to every needs of this segment, which have developed over decades. These productions/solutions are improved on continuous basis.

Subsequent to merger with Calderys, we have excess to their innovative monolithic products and expertise. Calderys worldwide presence and our extensive local experience allow us to offer the most suitable and cost effective technical solutions. These solutions lead to better energy efficiency, reduced maintenance downtime, and longer repair cycles. For the Cement Industry, we focus our efforts on the following issues:

Products & Applications

We offer a full range of refractory solutions that result in an efficient lining life. Progress has been made through the research and development of innovative product families such as ACCMON CAR, ACCMON CRC (Low cement Castables) and their alkali resistant version which are specially dedicated to cement production conditions.

Calderys India has an expert team of experienced and dedicated engineers who can provide

  • Total monolithic refractory lining solutions
  • Mixed lining solutions combining bricks and monolithics
  • Gunning Solution

We can also offer TURNKEY projects including

  • Refractory Solution design and engineering
  • Job site preparation
  • Time and delivery schedule
  • Planning of Resources
  • Refractory and materials supplies
  • Management of manpower
  • Supervision and Installation
  • Curing and Drying

We have refractory solutions which are customized as per different areas in a Cement Plant. Some of the critical areas are namely

Preheator tower

Preheator tower

Kiln hood & cooler

Kiln hood
& cooler

Rotary kiln

Rotary kiln

Stresses in the cement industry

The different units of cement plant are namely,

  • Firing Hood
  • TAD
  • Kiln
  • Cooler
  • Burner Pipe
  • Tip Coating

These units suffer from

  • High Abrasion
  • Severe Corrosion by alkalies Sulphur and chloride.


The refractory lining, in general, progressively wears off due to chemical attack and /or physical wear. In the cement kiln system physical wear is more prevalent in the lower part of the kiln system, like Cooler, TAD etc, caused by clinker. Special low cement castables like ACCMON CAR, ACCMON CAR PH, ACCMON SUPERGUN and others have been developed owing to their highly dense structure, compared to conventional castable, offer exceptional abrasion resistance as well as high resistance to thermal shock.



By Sulphur: Coal and pet coke, the most commonly used fuels in India, introduces Sulphur. Whereas Alternate fuels like Plastics, Tyres, Animal Meals, wood, Residue domestic Solid (RDS) waste, contains Alkalies, Sulphur and Chlorine. The use of alternative fuels results in increased salt concentration in the kiln system environment. Materials like ACCMON CRC and its variants with low pore size and permeability are preferred to avoid excessive infiltration and condensation of salts in the refractory pores leading to bursting.

By Alkalies: In Kiln environment alkalies (K20 and Na2O) are in gaseous form sulfates and chlorides. When they penetrate the refractories, alkalies react with the matrix as well as aggregate to form new low melting alumino-silicate compounds accompanied by expansion. These aspects lead to severe build up and destruction of the lining material. SiC and ZrO2 enriched LC and ULCC, owing to their low permeability and, are protected from attack by alkalies. Calderys India offers full range of these products like ACCMON CRC and others to face the most severe conditions. Build Up formation is drastically reduced and lifetime is extended.



Well aware of refractory and Cement processes, our experienced supervisors and installers provide expert technical guidance and the best suited installation equipment to ensure the refractory performance during service.

Calderys India employs dedicated skilled staff and the latest advances in refractory installation equipment. This can be applied to small, large, and turnkey projects alike depending on the requirement. Alternatively, we can support your teams by supervision, project management, equipment, and also direct installation training. Our aim is to ensure the best installation and dry-out of the refractory so that the customer gets maximum performance.

Once in service, the refractory may require specific maintenance which again can be supplied depending on the customer needs. Depending on the situation, services are available on 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, ensuring minimum downtime for the customer—especially for unplanned emergencies.

TURNKEY NEW PROJECts and major modifications

Our engineering teams, dedicated to the Cement industry, help customers meet a wide range of requests such as: refractory lining design, heat transfer calculation, quotation, planning, installation and dry-out.

Calderys India is often consulted in the development of a technical solution. Familiar with the specific processes of each type of units, we are able to engineer a refractory solution, provide project management services, and advise on the proper installation techniques for new projects. We have an excellent reputation for providing reliable solutions and thus have created many long-lasting relationships with our customers, end users, and engineering companies which have praised our products.

Our strategic partnerships with the customers ensure that we develop market-oriented solutions on regular basis. Our decades of Indian experience coupled with over 100 years of experience of Calderys provides us the capability to become the integrated refractory partner and meet all your needs from solution design to implementation.

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Calderys in India

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