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Calderys India has been working for over 30 years in the field of Foundation Grouting with its brand SHRINKKOMP. These cementations grouts were initially conceptualized and pioneered by ACC and large scale R &D activities were subsequently carried out at RCD, Thane for its development. With the expertise of ACC in cement, it became possible to produce a good quality of cementitious grout and was branded as SHRINKKOMP. With successful experiences of users, it became popular and a brand to reckon with. Calderys India has focused attention on grouting business and has expert and team of sales and service personnel located in various regions to serve a growing list of customers.


Shrinkkomp is Non-Shrink, Free-Flowing, High Compressive strength, Self – Levelling, Non - Metallic, Oil & Water Resistant, Chloride - free, Easy to use, Pre-mixed cementitious grout for foundation grouting applications.

reasons for using grouts

Concrete made by using Ordinary Portland Cement will shrink on drying and therefore do not provide a firm grip to anchoring devices. This result in vibration in the equipment anchored to the concrete foundation leading to failure of the machine parts as well as the concrete foundations. Shrinkkomp Grouts are based on the Expansive hydraulic Setting Binders which impart controlled expansion that ensures the permanent bond between the Machine and the foundation.


SHRINKKOMP grouts are ideally suited for all types of Static and Dynamic Loads. Shrinkkomp Grouts develop very high compressive strength and unlike metallic grouts do not generate any gases leading to the failure of the bond with the surface in contact. Consistency in performance of Shrinkkomp grout is assured, as only recommended quantity of water is required to be added to the designed premix composition. The Flowable and Self-levelling properties ensure complete filling voids and perfect bearing making it ideal for applications viz,

  • Anchoring of machine base plates and bridge bearings.
  • Permanent anchoring of bolts.
  • Providing structural strength to the machine base and column foundation.


SHRINKKOMP grouts are ideally suited for foundation grouting applications of structure steel stanchions, cranes, rails, anchors, bolts, base plates, bridge bearings, pumps, motors, compressors, generators, mills, turbines and many more equipment foundations.

Some of the key areas of application of SHRINKKOMP are:

  • Foundations Grouting
  • Dams
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Rocks (Strengthening of Underground Structure and Seepage check)
  • Repairs of structure (Micro concreting)

It is being used by all the leading industries / customers like Isgec John Thompson, GDCL, L & T, HOLTEC, BHEL, TISCO, NFL, Konkan Railways, Metro Rail Projects for Kolkata, JSPL, Bhushan Power & Steel, Ispat, SMC, Viraj Steel etc. and other various other important projects

variants and their application

  • Shrinkkomp 10: Plastic
  • Shrinkkomp 20: Free flow (for grouting of medium size machine foundation; Static Loads)
  • Shrinkkomp -30: Free flow (for grouting of heavy machine foundation like Turbines, DG Sets etc, Heavy Vibrating machine foundation ; Dynamic load)
  • Shrinkkomp -40: Free flow (For early Commissioning of Projects within 3 days)
  • Pumpable Grout: For repair grouting in water logged areas and Arresting Seepages in underground Structures.
  • Shrinkkomp -30R: For repair of washable aprons, specially developed for Railways
  • Insulcrete: Cementitious binding material for Pin Grouting of Disc Insulators
  • Accmix: For bolting in roofs of underground mining operations
  • Kexpan: An inorganic additive for Shrinkage Compensation in Cement
  • Flash Binder: Fast setting cement which can be used for the early strength concrete mix for non structural purposes.

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