CALDERYS Expertise in Reheat furnaces

Calderys India has decades of experience in developing innovative monolithic refractory products and its applications techniques for reheating and heat treating furnaces of different sizes and capacities. Our offerings are based on energy saving solutions that improve the performance of the customer's equipment. We have sustained a long-lasting working relationship with the Steel industry (both FLAT AND LONG PRODUCTS) as well as OEMs based in India and oversees. We have been dealing with a wide range of furnaces: walking beam, walking hearth, pusher furnaces, and also rotary hearth, Tunnel Furnace, annealing and other thermal treatment furnace.
We have unique experience of converting roof bricks in high capacity RHF to high performance Plastic Refractories. Today we are a reliable partner to all OEMs and users in India for designing, supplying and installing Plastic Refractories. We have a design, service and installation team with dedicated team of Engineers based at Nagpur, India.
Subsequent to the merger with Calderys we have access to their innovative product range, global experience in Solution Providing, R&D know-how and design capabilities. Above strengths of Calderys India coupled with worldwide experience and presence of Calderys puts us in best position to be your partner to provide the most suitable and cost effective technical solutions that will attend to changes technological requirements as well as contribute to productivity and efficiency.

Products & Applications

Our comprehensive range for reheating furnaces includes an array of dense and insulating castables, self-flowing castables, dry gunning and shotcreting, ramming, gunning mixes, plastics, dry vibrating mixes, bricks and prefabricated shapes. ACCMON, ACCPLAST, INSULYTE Group of products just to name a few, are very popular in this segment and widely used by Indian Industry. Apart from these product ranges we have access to recently developed very efficient and innovative solutions which improve the availability of the furnace and thus reduce considerably the shutdown time during the installation. One such example is QD (quick dry) product range, which allows reducing the dry-out time by up to 50%.

Our innovation process is based on a world class R&D team, coupled with very specialized construction and design offices for designing customized solutions in anticipation of future needs.

Calderys India has also developed a precast solution, which is very sustainable for the following reasons:

  • No shuttering
  • Quick installation
  • Faster heating and less susceptibility to explosions
  • No need for machinery

Calderys India recommended products for batch and continuous furnaces are:

  • ACCMON 60
  • ACCMON 70 Li
  • POROSINT 750
  • CALDE™ ACE INS 135
  • CALDE™ GUN M 60

walking beam furnace

The walking beam furnace offer distinctive advantages over others by allowing the heating of the back face of the stock. This also normally results in shorter heating time and shorter length of the furnace itself apart from operational flexibility. The temperature reaches upto 1250º C. Refractory here requires better thermal shock resistance and in certain areas are exposed to thermo-mechanical stresses. We offer complete range of refractories for such demanding application.

Calderys India recommended products are:

  • ACCMON 45
  • ACCMON 60
  • ACCMON 70 Li
  • ACCMON 70 Li PCPF Blocks
  • AC 85P Ceramic Brick
  • AC 30S Brick
  • AC 50S Brick
  • ACE INS 135 Brick
  • POROSINT 750
Walking Beam Furnace

walking hearth furnace

Simplicity of design, ease of construction and flexibility to accommodate different sizes of material are some of the few specialties in these types of Reheating Furnaces. Only limitation is the inability to heat the back face of the stock. In turn this leads longer residence time of stock inside furnace. From refractory angle, operating temperature and corrosion in presence of scales become important. Here again our products offer best lining solution.

Walking Hearth Furnace

rotary hearth furnaces

These types of moving hearth furnaces are preferred when stock size and geometry varies a lot. Here heat storage can be optimized by using humps and grooves. Unevenness of the stock exerts strong thermo mechanical stresses in the hearth blocks. It requires refractory which should be thermal stock resistant and at the same time should withstand impact of scale. Calderys India offers entire range refractory products for burners, walls, hearth banks, hearth, roof and waste gas flue duct of Rotary hearth furnaces.

Rotary Hearth Furnaces

Roller Hearth Furnaces


Roller Hearth

Pusher Furnaces

In these types of furnaces stocks move down the length of the furnace. It involves less investment for installation as well as maintenance. Temperature generally goes upto 1250º C. Refractory wear in this type of furnace is mainly due to erosion of hearth and skid protection. Here again we offer solution for entire length of the furnace which includes burners, roof, hearth, soaking area and outlet slope.

Pusher Furnaces

skid and posts

For in-situ application, Calderys India supplied materials have worked wonders in many Reheating Furnaces across the country. This offers lot of application flexibility on site. All our Indian customers have been immensely benefitted with design and installation support for commissioning as well as maintenance.

Skid and Posts

Calderys India recommended products:-

  • ACCMON 45
  • PCPF Blocks
  • ACCMON 70 Li

The CALDERYS concept, proven for the last 20 years offers a special type of Monoblock construction for easy and quick installation. The Standard solution CALDE BLOCK SKID & CALDE BLOCK POST has many references around the Globe .This can be applied all types of pipes.

Advantages of this concept:

  • The insulation is very effective due to less metallic parts
  • Welding and other mechanical activities are reduced
  • Benefit of quicker and easier application
  • Mechanical work on pipes and installation of blocks can be executed in isolation
  • Design also offer a solution for quick decoupling

diamond roof

CALDE BLOCK ROOF DIAMOND is the solution from Calderys for roofs of Pusher type , Walking beam , Walking hearth Furnaces .

Diamond Roof

Installation, Commissioning and Turnkey Maintenance

With specialized technical support, including refractory and reheat processes knowledge, experimented supervisors and installers, Calderys India provides expert technical guidance and the most suited installation equipment to ensure the best refractory performance during service.

Calderys India employs dedicated skilled staff and the latest advances in refractory installation equipment. This can be applied to large, small, and turnkey projects alike depending on the requirement. Alternatively, we can support the customer's own staff by supervision, job management, equipment, and also direct training. Our aim is to ensure the best installation and dry-out of the refractory so that the customer gets maximum performance. Due to a vast number of references, Calderys India has a considerable amount of expertise in all types of reheat furnaces.

Once in service, the refractory may require specific maintenance which again can be supplied depending on the customer requirements. In some cases, and depending on the situation, services may be available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, ensuring minimum downtime for the customer—especially in times of unplanned emergencies.

Turnkey new Projects

Our engineering teams, dedicated to the Reheating furnaces industry, help customers meet a wide range of needs such as: refractory lining design, heat transfer calculation, job quotation, installation, dry-out, and start-up/operating instructions & planning. 

Calderys India is often consulted in the development of a technical solution. Familiar with the specific processes of each type of units, we are able to engineer a refractory solution, provide project management services, and advise on the proper installation techniques for new projects. We have an excellent reputation for providing reliable solutions and thus have created many long-lasting relationships with our customers, end users, and engineering companies which have praised our products. Our strategic partnerships with the customers ensure that we develop market-oriented solutions on regular basis. Our decades of Indian experience coupled with over 100 years of experience of Calderys provides us the capability to become the integrated refractory partner and meet all your needs from solution design to implementation.

Calderys in India

Calderys in India

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