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Calderys India plays a significant role in Indian Iron Making industry and has to its credit several initiatives leading to improved performance. We introduced castables in Iron trough almost 2 decades back and were able to propagate its advantages to users. Today almost every high productivity, high capacity Blast Furnace has implemented this technology. Castable technology for trough has also come handy to attend to increased productivity requirements from all units. Tap hole clay for high productivity Blast Furnaces is an area of high focus for us. These tap hole clays are gaining acceptability as these help operators to achieve their production schedule under safe conditions. Our activity covers every step of the iron process, from coke and ore preparation, to blast furnaces, and finally, hot metal transport. We have worked with leading OEMs for working out a reliable and long lasting refractory solution for upcoming projects.

Subsequent to merger with Calderys, we got complete access to their well established product range and global expertise for Iron making. Calderys has established product technologies for cast house and Tap hole clays, well layed down systems and procedures to handle cast house jobs and trouble shooting in cast house, methodology for data collections and its analyses etc. All these helps us to deliver a cast house with high and predictable performance and draw clear conclusions for improvements.

We work in close partnerships with our customers and our solutions contribute to increased productivity and quality in the iron making processes and also help to meet the reliability and safety requirements by:

  • Increasing the availability of the production equipment by extending the service life and reducing the maintenance downtime.
  • Reducing unit cost of hot metal by continuous optimization of the refractory solutions.
  • Improving the health and safety conditions in cast house by adopting safe practices, products and equipments.

Products & Applications

Our comprehensive product range for Iron-making is covers aluminous products, carbonaceous/Resin products and silicon carbide based products. It includes tap-hole clays and is manufactured under two dedicated range ACCTAP and ACETAP, dense castables, self-flowing castables, dry gunning and shotcreting materials, ramming and plastic mixes, dry vibrating mixes, injection and grouting products, and prefabricated shapes.

Our innovation process is based on a world class R&D team, supported by strong PAS & Technical Group that designs customized solutions in anticipation of future needs. Personalized training programs are also organized in our plants and Project sites for contractors and contribute to a closer co-operation with our customers.

Coke oven

We provide various solutions based on different installation techniques, such as pre-cast ready shapes for coke oven doors and gunning mixes for general maintenance in coke plants.

Sinter plant

Calderys India has unique expertise in designing and installation of sinter plant Refractories in India. Our design and materials have not only improved campaign life but also over all life. Our solution is based on precast ready shapes and castables. This coupled with experienced site team and latest equipments ensures reliable service life.

Blast furnace

Calderys India has experience of supplying complete and modular solutions to extend the campaign length of Blast furnace. We have experience and expertise to cater to all monolithics and related shapes required for new furnaces which high technology refractory materials for different equipments viz. Blast Furnace runners, Stack, Downcomer, Top Cone, stoves etc.

For furnaces in operation, we extend various maintenance solutions for different areas which can be applied in running furnace or in hot condition thus eliminating need for cooling down the furnace, Such solutions such as Stack gunning, grouting from the bosh to upper stack area and injection in the tap-hole and hearth zones extend campaign life of the furnace. Calderys India has developed capabilities to do Stack Gunning in a BF via platform or via robotic application.

Casthouse floor

Casthouse Floor
Casthouse Floor

We propose high-performance solutions for whole cast house refractory management. It includes main, iron, slag, drain, tilting runners and Taphole frame (from the first installation to the maintenance) to ensure total reliability, achieve long campaigns, and reduce the maintenance downtime. We are considered as the market leader in monolithic refractory for runners. Calderys India has developed and established hot gunning practice for troughs in India. This practice helps customer to extend cast house life and comes handy to continue casting under unforeseen situations. Our products are established for other Casthouse floor equipment, such as runner covers, we propose customised products which provide quick and easy applications as well as long service life. Our products in Blast Furnace Trough have been extending reliable performance repeatedly. Troughs designed and maintained by us have improved performance bench marks of Trough life & performance reliability.

Calderys recommended products:

  • ACCMON 13 SC B
  • ACCMON 16 SC B
  • ACCMON 30 SC B


Blast furnace grouting

For any Iron and Steel Plant any unplanned shutdown leads to huge production losses. In order to prevent that Blast Furnace Hearth grouting is carried out. BF Hearth grouting is beneficial in a number of ways as tabulated below-

  • It avoids shell deformations and damage due to hotspots
  • It prevents further lining deterioration
  • It fills cracks and crevices in remaining lining
  • It prevents gas leakage from refractory wall.

Calderys India has specially developed a material ACCPLAST CI 370 for this purpose. The Material is a resin bonded carbonaceous injectable material. List of users of this technology includes all high productive Blast Furnace operators in India.

Stack gunning

Stack gunning
Stack gunning

Realising need for increased BF Stack gunning activities in India, Calderys India decided to offer its services in this field. Calderys India has dedicated equipments for hot repairs of BF stack by Robot and team to perform the job. Today Calderys India has established itself as a proven agency for handling BF Stack gunning repairs in India.

Calderys recommended products for Blast Furnace repairs:


Tap hole

Tap Hole
Blast Furnace

For tap-hole operations (plugging, drilling, casting) Calderys India with its association with Calderys has been engineering and manufacturing tap-hole clays and offers ACCTAP and ACETAP range. Global expertise of Calderys in Tap hole clay coupled with understanding of Indian Blast Furnace conditions by Calderys India” positions us as most potential partner for high productivity BF’s. We offer customized solutions based on a complete range of tap-hole clays and understanding on unique requirements of each Blast Furnace. Our tap-hole clays integrate different technologies (European and Japanese) and are able to meet all types of furnace and tap-hole operating conditions. We pay special attention to the requirements concerning health and safety by pushing the development of harmless and environmentally friendly products. .

Tap hole clay is produced at our Nagpur plant. A new line has been set up to meet customized requirements of high productivity Blast Furnaces. This ensures globally proven technology and service with local logistics.


We provide various monolithic products and installation techniques (casting, gunning, shotcreting) to increase the campaign length and reduce the cost per unit of the torpedo ladles. We are capable of supplying complete lining for Torpedo ladle cars. We have unique experience of increasing Torpedo campaign life by supplying suitable mouth castable and establishing hot gunning practice. This has resulted in increased availability of Torpedo cars.


We supply customized desulphurization lances that are able to provide long service lives and withstand various operating conditions. These lances have been consistently performing for over 2000 min of purging in 150 ton Ladle and thus have set up a performance bench mark.

Installation, Commissioning and Turnkey Maintenance

With specialized technical support, including refractory and iron-making processes knowledge, experienced supervisors and installers, Calderys India provides expert technical guidance and the best suited installation equipment to ensure the best refractory performance during its service.

Calderys India employs dedicated skilled staff and the latest advances in refractory installation equipment. This can be applied to large projects, small projects and turnkey projects, alike depending on the requirement. Alternatively, we can support your teams by supervision, job management, equipment, and also direct training. Our aim is to ensure the best installation and dry-out of the refractory so that the customer gets maximum performance.

Once in service, the refractory may require specific maintenance which again can be supplied depending on the customer requirements. In some cases, and depending on the situation, services may be available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, ensuring minimum downtime for the customer—especially in times of unplanned emergencies. Particularly for Casthouse Runners, Calderys India is servicing, dedicated maintenance contracts running into several years for several Indian customers.

Turnkey new Projects

Our engineering teams, dedicated to the Iron industry, help customers meet a wide range of needs such as: refractory lining design, heat transfer calculations, job quotations, installation, dry-out and start-up/operating instructions & planning.

Calderys India is often consulted in the development of a technical solution. We are present in over 19 runners in 6 plants which brings us to be familiar with the specific processes of each customer. We are able to engineer a refractory solution, provide project management services, and advise on the proper installation techniques for new projects. We have an excellent reputation for providing reliable solutions and thus have created many long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our strategic partnership with the customer ensures that we develop market-oriented solutions.

Due to decades of experience in the Iron industry and supported by expertise from Calderys, Calderys India has the capability to become your integrated refractory partner and meet all your needs from solution design to implementation.


Calderys in India

Calderys in India

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