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Our experts utilize their specialized knowledge of the refractory industry to create innovative installation techniques as well as provide consultation and installation management. Through the proper training, our dedicated technical staff has acquired all of the local, and customer specific knowledge necessary to offer our clients the best installation solutions. The Calderys Academy offers special courses to learn about latest application methods and techniques.

Some tips for a successful Installation

  • Prepare in advance

    There are many factors that must be considered before the installation even begins. Is there sufficient storage space for equipment, materials, and tools? A large installation will involve more than one thousand cubic meters of refractory material – where do you put it all? A good material delivery plan to determine how much material is needed at each point during installation is essential.

  • Monitor Progress

    Develop a time schedule and refer to it often. Daily monitoring of installed quantities of material will help maintain a smooth, uninterrupted work flow. Supervision by experienced inspectors and a regular testing program will ensure the quality of the material that is installed.

  • Focus on safety

    Have a safety plan and ensure everyone is familiar with it. At Calderys India we ensure that all the installation crew members have read and understood the Safety Guidelines listed in our Construction Safety Handbook, and make periodic safety inspections to ensure the guidelines are adhered to.

Qualified Calderys India staff is available to supervise the installation of our products. Depending on customer needs, we can provide the following solution services:

  • Customized installation services through out India.
  • Selection of qualified installation companies on the criteria of safety and quality of work
  • Detailed planning of the installation
  • Supervision of clients or third-party installation staff for our products.
  • Selection and delivery of necessary application equipment and trained operators.

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