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It takes technical knowledge to create a good design. It takes practical experience to bring a design from paper into a quality installation on the wall. And it takes the discipline of project management to blend these two together and make sure everything happens on time and within budget.

We provide complete project management services to efficiently deliver end-to-end refractory projects. Our services include consultation, planning, delivery scheduling, supervision, site management and also direct training for customer personnel.

Our global network of specialized industry experts and project management professionals consists of over 450 project managers, supervisors, technical experts and engineers spread across the globe. We identify and benchmark best practices and also take into account local knowledge and specificities to deliver efficient and cost-effective projects.

Working closely with our customers, our teams ensure on-time and on-budget completion – be it part-service projects or turnkey delivery and commissioning.

Common tasks include:

  • Planning: including scope management, scheduling, budgeting, and delivery
  • Executing: arranging the teams or crews, managing work assignments, coordination
  • Monitoring: keeping the schedule, record-keeping, reporting
  • Closeout: contract documentation, data transfer

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Calderys in India

Calderys in India

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Built on a foundation of in-house expertise in technical and project management services, we provide design, installation, and after market services to OEM and engineering companies.

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